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Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Boo! (Hardcover) - by Wade Bradford

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Join Dr. Seuss's beloved character Horton the elephant and friends on a Halloween adventure as they try to overcome their fears and find the source of a spooky sound—includes two pages of colorful stickers!

In the Jungle of Nool, near the Glowbug Lagoon,
In the hush of the night, 'neath the October moon,
He was counting the stars (there were more than a few),
When Horton the elephant heard a strange . . .

Horton the elephant is as kind and lovable as ever in this fun picture book about facing your fears and helping those in need.

At first, Horton, Kangaroo, and the Wickersham Brothers are terrified of the sound. What could it be: A Blurpp in the bog? A triple-eyed bat flying out of the fog?

Knowing that there's only one way to find out, Horton bravely leads the group toward the sound, and the animals are relieved to discover that their fears were unfounded. . . .

Written and illustrated in the iconic style of Dr. Seuss's Horton Hears a Who!, this perfect Halloween read-aloud includes two pages of stickers, ideal for decorating your own Seussian jack-o'-lantern!

  • Reading age ‏ : ‎ 4 - 8 years
  • Grade level ‏ : ‎ Preschool - 3
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