Ebony Bangs (Paperback) - by John Tullis

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”It’s 1945 and Sergeant Richard Dake has survived the march to Berlin — but the real trouble begins when he falls for a dark-haired barmaid named Lina.

Five years later in San Francisco, he’s running Dake Investigations and still wondering why he agreed to take the heat for her crime. He’s getting by OK until she walks back into his life. She’s on a mission and ready for mayhem.

When she asks for his help, he can’t say no.”

It’s a dirty little world inhabited by the usual suspects — a crime syndicate run by a narcissist kingpin, his shakedown men, gunsels and a psychopathic assassin. Cops on the take who look the other way. Newspaper editors willing to print whatever version of the truth is desirable to increase circulation. Ineffective politicians and their lackeys who claim they really care.

A good-looking detective and two powerful women are determined to stop them.

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