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Poems of Inspiration! from Genesis to Revelation (Paperback) – by Reginald Love

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This is a collection of poems about people in the Bible. It is an attempt to bring them to life, so that the average reader, believer or non believer will say, I got it! Now I understand who Job, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, and Jeremiah were! It is by no means a replacement for the Bible, and I hope all who read it will search the scriptures for themselves to see if the poems are correct. For example, did the king really turn white and get weak at the knees in the book of Daniel? It is the authors hope and prayer, that all who read these poems, will not be able to put them down! And cause them all to want to learn more and more about the word of God. I had written many poems about the Los Angeles Lakers and only one poem for the church. This book is an attempt to change that, in a sense, saying, God, this ones for you!

I found these poems to be heartwarming and inspirational. For Christians everywhere, or anyone curious about people of the Bible, a must read! Rev. Charles Harris II, Pastor, Village Baptist Church, Los Angeles,California.

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