Spin Around Like a Ballerina: Like Me Series (Paperback) - Ornicia Lowe

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The Like Me series will remind children time and time again that they too can be great at different careers, activities and in life. These books will allow children to see themselves in a positive light. The first book to be released is entitled, “Spin around like a ballerina.” This short story allows children to see another child spinning and twirling and doing things that a ballerina might do. This book encourages imagination and physical activity. Spin around like a ballerina will encourage your youth to be active and consider the possibility that they two can be a ballerina if they so choose. The Like me concept is meant teach our youth that they can also achieve the same things as the characters in our collection of “Like Me” books. With bright pictures, photographs and rhyming words sure to keep your child engaged. From a young age it is important that children have books that let them know they too can achieve greatness.
• Children love to dance and sing. This children's book will encourage movement. Young children will Spin and dance as they read and rhyme. Babies, toddlers and older young readers will enjoy this Children's Ballet Dance book.
•There is an accompanying song also called, "Spin around like a ballerina. " It will be available on all social media platforms. This will make great dance music for your young dancing ballerina.
•This ballerina book is a great addition to your library. Spin around like a ballerina is a great book of expressions that will open your child imagination to endless possibilities.
*All young children will love the movement , the spins , and the fun. The beautiful bright picture book art will catch the young readers attention.

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