Sunrise Over Rich Bar: The California Goldfields and Beyond (The Henry Moreland Chronicles) by Ronald Maggior Cerruti (Paperback)

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Sunrise over Rich Bar Sunrise Over Rich Bar, Volume 2 of the Henry Moreland Chronicles, continues the fictional saga of Henry Moreland’s adventure to the gold fields of California’s northern Sierra and its foothills. In Volume 1, The Walker Colt, Henry’s twelve-year-old twin descendants, Samuel and David, found Henry’s memoirs and an inscribed Walker Colt revolver buried in the ashen soil of the original Moreland home, which was burned down in a forest fire in 1896. These well-preserved manuscripts and revolver detail the lives of Henry and Annie Moreland, patriarchs of the Moreland family. Their descendants knew very little about them prior to the discovery of the manuscripts.The first manuscript describes Henry’s journey to California via the Santa Fe and Southern Immigrant trails, where he has many adventures and meets historical figures including the Bent brothers, Texas Ranger John Coffee Hays and other Rangers, and Geronimo, and Cochise. Volume 2 continues Henry’s journey into the gold country, where he meets more famous and infamous people including bandit Joaquin Murrieta, mountain man and scout Jim Beckwourth, author Louise Amelia Knapp Smith Clapp (aka “Dame Shirley”) and her husband, and fictional character, Beans Brown and other partners. Henry continues his association with John Coffee Hays and the Ranger and other friends he traveled with to California. He describes his mining adventures with newfound partners along the North Yuba, Nelson Creek, and at Rich Bar on the East Branch of the North Fork of the Feather River, where he and his partners find themselves at the mercy of a vigilance committee. Henry meets Annie, his future wife, in American Valley where they are married. The story ends with their marriage and reunion with old friends and family. The story is full of gold camp adventures and twists and turns, including the possibility that a third manuscript exists, which will be the source of Volume 3 of the Henry Moreland Chronicles.

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