The Walker Colt: The Henry Moreland Chronicles, Volume 1 by Ronald Maggior Cerruti (Paperback)

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Henry’s memoirs, lost in the ashes of his burned home together with a mysterious old and inscribed Walker Colt revolver are discovered by his ancestors who learn that the lure of gold and adventure drove Henry to make the trek from Missouri to California in 1849 on the Santa Fe Trail with his friend, Josh. The young men encounter perils of the trail, including rattlesnakes, swollen streams, and outlaws, who try to kill Josh at Bent’s Fort. Josh meets Lovely, Ellie, a young married woman who steals Josh’s heart, causing him decide not to continue on to California. Following his expulsion from the wagon caravan, Henry continues on with ex-Texas Ranger, Will Rollins who mentors Henry and fights with him in battles with Plains Indians, bandits and horse thieves. In El Paso, Henry meets and befriends the famous Texas Ranger, John Coffee Hays who saves Henry’s life in a rough border town cantina. After Henry and the Rangers capture and hang horse thieves in Mexico, they travel with other Argonauts to California. Along the way they meet and befriend the great Apache chiefs and a young warrior who is later known as Geronimo. When Henry reaches San Francisco, he becomes a deputy sheriff, meets Hays’ spunky wife, Susan, famous entrepreneurs and the savvy and happy-go-lucky Hungarian saloon-keeper, “Harpoon Louie”. Henry’s purpose to find gold soon pushes him on to Sutter’s Fort, where he is shocked by letters from Santa Fe informing him of what has happened to his friends, some of whom we meet again in Volume 2 of the Henry Moreland Chronicles.

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