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Arthur Christmas: The Movie Storybook by Justine Fontes (Hardcover)

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Six-year-old Gwen wrote a letter to Santa Claus because she believed in the magic of Christmas—and she wanted a bike! Santa’s son, Arthur Claus, was in charge of all the mail that arrived at the North Pole. He received Gwen’s letter and wanted to make her holiday wish come true. But on Christmas Eve, Santa’s super high-tech gadgets make a mistake! Gwen’s bike gets left behind on his S-1 sleigh, and as the minutes tick by, it looks like poor Gwen won’t receive her present. Christmas will never be the same when Arthur, a stowaway gift-wrapping elf named Bryony, and Arthur’s grandpa Grandsanta decide to launch their own “Mission Christmas” and take merry matters into their own, not-very-capable hands.

Includes behind-the-scenes artwork used to create the movie!

  • Grade level : Preschool - 2
  • Reading level : 3 - 8 years
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