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New and Used Books


We offer thousands of new and previously-loved books that have been graciously donated to our store. Railroad Book Depot has every major genre: Fiction, Nonfiction, Romance, Sci Fi/Fantasy, Sports, Health, Travel, Cooking, Arts & Crafts, Military, Mysteries, Manga, Kids, Comic Books, Local Interest, Inspirational Fiction, World History, Politics/Current Events, Reference, Education, Business, New Releases, Entertainment, Memoirs, Games and Humor, Sports Biographies, Science & Nature, Plays/Poetry, Classics, Performing Arts, and more.


Because we are a community bookstore run by a non-profit foundation, our books are generally less expensive than what you'll find in most retail bookstores. 


Pricing Information: 


The prices of most books can be found on the inside of the front cover.  

We charge the cover price on new books while used books are at least 50% off the new book price.



Library card holder 10%

Senior (65+) 20%

Teacher (need to show active ID)   30%

Discount is not applicable to Gift Card, Fundraising Items, Local Author, Special Order and Clearance products.



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Greeting Cards

We have several displays of Greeting Cards for all occasions, ranging from $1.95 -$8.99.


Gifts, Stationery & Games

We carry gifts for all ages.

Calendars, Cute socks, Journals, Stationery, fun Bookmarks, Puzzles, Games, etc. 

Electronic Accessories


The bookstore sells basic and practical electronic accessories such as computer mouses, cell phone cases, tablet cases, ear buds, USB car chargers, styluses, and auxiliary cables.  (Brand: Fifo)



Local Artwork


Fine Art prints by local artists are available at Railroad Book Depot, by artists such as Francis Palermo. 

Local Consignment


Find items such as jewelry,  bookmarks, ornaments and more made by local vendors and small business owners.

FREE Books


You can find "free book" displays located outside and inside of the our bookstore. Feel free to take a book from the free display. Also, if you would like to donate any books please bring them to a store associate. 

Gift Items and Accessories (Slideshow)


Railroad Book Depot offers a variety of ever-changing gift items, such as cards, mugs, decorative boxes, journals, and occasionally gardening items, etc.  We also sell reading glasses for your convenience. 

Click the right arrow on the picture to see the rest of the slideshow for gift items.

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