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Tay Goes to STEM Camp (Tay and Friends) Paperback – by Phelicia E. Lang M.Ed

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Tay Goes to STEM Camp is the introductory book in the Tay and Friends Early Science Readers Series.

Tay and Friends are home for the summer and looking for adventures. They are curious and love science. Follow them as they learn to understand what S. T. E. M. stands for and how they can learn to become scientists too.

Children in grades second through fourth are in the critical stages of transitioning from learning how to read, to becoming readers who are reading to learn. Tay and Friends STEM series will be the tool they need to help them bridge this transition by supporting them with engaging pictures, and easy-to-read text, including scientific vocabulary that is easily understood. Me On the Page's familiar formatting, at-home reading tips, and non-fiction text-features guides are right there in the book to support the child and the adults assisting them.

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