Wholly Tales: Butterfly & Grasshopper and Red Rose & Calla Lily by Chigozie Nnenna Okeke (Paperback)

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Wholly Tales: Butterfly & Grasshopper and Red Rose & Calla Lily are the first in the Wholly Tales series. Butterfly & Grasshopper are two friends who fly out to the field of green grass on a sunny day to admire the color and beauty of spring season. They only learn that they were part of the beauty of this field. It is inspired by Psalm 139:14, "All creatures of God, unique in their individual nature yet are wonderfully made." This story teaches kids that they are beautiful no matter how they look, with each kid wonderfully made by the loving God.

Red Rose & Calla Lily is a story inspired by Proverbs 16:18, "Pride goes before destruction." It is the story of two friends who had a disagreement because Red Rose got up one day with pride in her heart. She decided she wants to leave the garden full of other flowers and go up to a mountain where she can stand out by herself, being the preferred flower for many festive occasions. Despite every effort to persuade her by the much meeker friend Calla Lily, she insisted. What happened next is a lesson to teach kids of the imminent dangers of pride.

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